Friday, December 26, 2014

Lovely As A Tree

I know there is a glare on this card front, but I had to share with you my after Christmas Thank You card. I am off upstairs to play and make a few special thank you cards to send! This is the best stamping up set ever!  The bottom half of the card is stamped on velum and colored with daubers and sponges to get the blue water and sky look.  You then tear the velum across the bottom and flip the color side down and glue it to your scene of trees stamped on card stock. I will try to post my card I make today for you too! Getting back in the card swing! Have Fun!   We had a very blessed Holiday with our children and grand babies, and I again feel the many blessings of the Holiday and the many gifts from GOD!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Blue Bird

I have found some more bird cards and had to share with you. I love to color the birds and like to use watercolor pencils, and copic markers.  I enjoy being able to go from light to darks in the coloring and give them a some true to life feel.  I have had some large geese on my pond and they are so beautiful! They honk when the sun comes up every morning . I save all of my old bread and vegetable peels and feed them they get so excited to swim over to me and I love to watch them in the water.  I hope this gives you some inspiration to stamp some birds today!

A Little Bird Told Me

Hello my stamp friends! I hope this finds you blessed and enjoying the many blessings of the Holiday season!  You have to look close but there is a little red breasted bird in the lower left corner of this card!  I posted it for several reasons on of which is that birds bring me such gifts of Love and Joy and uplift my spirits when I see them and hear them sing! My sweet mother - in - law Mary Lake loved birds and always had many feeders out for them.  Now when I see a bird or a pair of them it reminds me of her and Big Daddy and my parents as well as they loved birds too! I feel like they are watching over our family and reminding us of Gods many miracles of animals!  We found some darling birds for our granddaughters that sing and whistle and play over twenty songs. They will be so much fun to enjoy on Christmas.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


This card brought lots of joy to me as it was made during fun time spent with my friend Debbie A. She is such a great friend and inspires me to continue to walk in my faith daily buy sharing faith pod cast, cds, books and mostly her heart and Love of the Lord!  She blesses me with her gifts of hard work and helping me to redo my stamp studio and it is looking great! As I have said before God places people in our lives that we need and she has definitely been one of those gifts!   I know that we often have days and even weeks, or months that seem like we have terrible things happening and it weights us down. You can feel like your walking in mud, and your shoes are sinking in like quick sand. Things become so negative and overwhelming, that you need some one strong to pull you out of harms way! This is when you put on your "Faith ARMOR" Gods armor, (Ephesians 6: 1-12) Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.) The shield of faith is so powerful and when you wear it every day, others around you will even ask, what is going on with you today?  You look so beautiful, happy and all together!  I have not spent big bucks at the salon or gone shopping for new clothes, I have spent time BEING JOYFUL IN MY FAITH! That joy is so strong it attacks the senses! Others will see, taste and smell and be open to hearing it as well! Share your faith tell others of Gods armor,and that they can trust, his strength will get us all through the terrible times and his joy and glory will lift your spirits beyond belief!  I so enjoy making cards and sending them to my friends and family.  This card was embossed with pewter powder and then I hand cut it and placed it on a border punched designer paper. I made a pretty red one too and will post it soon. I have beautiful card supplies and will be happy to order for you! Be Blessed my friends!  

Friday, November 7, 2014

He painted nature for us!

This is been a time of blessings and reflections for me lately.  I have turned 29, ( again) and as I get older I have begun to realize even more how important Faith, Family and Friends are to all of us! For part of my birthday celebration we traveled to Huntsville to visit Kyle and Ashley and go to Sam Houston's football game. The game was good because we won, but the biggest win was our time with family. Ashley's Mom and Dad joined us and we were touched by Kathy's survival story of beating cancer! We all agreed on the fact that prayer and the Lord gets us through the most difficult times! We all left uplifted and strengthened through our hugs, stories and great fellowship together.  On the way home as often we do,  Rusty and I have our best talks in the car! SO, again we marveled at what a wonderful son and daughter in law we have been blessed with and that the time spent with them gets us pumped up for the next week.  We also discussed that with the Love of the Lord in our hearts, our family experiences take on a "magical feeling" that others can not seem to understand unless they too walk in Faith!  The kids gave me a massage day for birthday and I am excited to go and relax and enjoy the gift of their love!   I heard from over 35 friends and family members wishing me well and sending me great notes of love and joy to store away for those days that I need to go back and look at the text and emails of well wishes and encouragements! I even got a Facebook message from Mitch Segler and was not sure how I knew him but, we decided we must somehow be related with the last name spelled the same.  Another thing I have learned over the years is that things like this are not luck or accidents, they are another gift from God and he brings people into our live that we need and we may not even know why.  I mean really getting a HAPY BIRTHDAY from a stranger is a very special thing! I love Birthdays so I celebrate mine for the entire month! HA! Try it it works great and you have that Happy Birthday feeling much longer! The next weekend we travelled to Wichita Falls to see Tres and Katherine and our sweet grand girls and I will share that with you next post! Be blessed and invite the Lord in for your next birthday celebration!    This scene card is a technique that I so enjoy and feel like a real artist when I design these. More facts on how later!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


This card reminds of the games we played in elementary school, and kids still play four square today!  This was a card I made with stamp friends Betty and Lorna. You simply score four edges of your card so that you can fold them in as if you were closing a box to mail. It can handle any type of decorations and my next one will be for Christmas. I added flowers to a coordinating design paper on the inside with two flowers there also. Hope this card gets you going soon on a new design. Thanks for the look at my blog!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Curvy Cut for Cards!

I like to make cards that are different shapes and folds. This card is made using a little trick to get your curvy shape at the card opening. My sweet stamp friend Debbie A, designed this card at our last play day.  She used her curvy die cut that was a metal thin die.  First fold your card and then place a die cut on the edge of your flap. Be creative and  use some of those dies you have not played with in ages.  When you cut the flap, then cut a bright color here we used the red, to glue right over the first cut you made on the white card base.  This card is a shinny white paper, with christmas flowers and leaves added to the flap.  Then on the left side we added a red strip with a silver ribbon trim.  We added silver stickles to the edges of our flowers and it gave the card a focal point that draws your eye.  Hope you enjoy this design and will send me a picture of your Curvy shapes! 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Follow the Stars!

I can not see a star and not count my blessings! Let your heart lead you down a path lighted by Gods WORD! Blessing to my stamping friends! This lovely star stamp and die cut is by stamping up. It has become one of my new faves for the Holidays! Email me to order:   The card base is cut out of newsprint that gives the card a vintage feel.  The red ribbon tab was added under the news print and between the striped paper, the sentiment was first stamped on velum, and then stamped again on white card stock. The Christmas and New Year was then cut into a banner shape, and placed over the first sentiment with pop dots. This gives the card another dimensional look. The stars were embossed in gold and white powders and then red bling add to the top! Fun and exciting to get a start on my holiday cards!

Thursday, October 2, 2014


I am really ready for the change of season and some cooler weather! I am always behind during the Holiday season so I am starting now on my Christmas cards.  I made this card with my stamp friends
Betty and Lorna. This is Betty's design and I sure enjoyed the fun and fellowship as it serves as my therapy for the week! This card is all die cuts and it was a blast to make, as we had an assembly line, Lorna cut, and I glues! (The easy part)  I added stickles to give the trees and snow and clouds some POP! You could make this card by using stamps and cutting them out. The tear the paper technique makes pretty snow and clouds so get to designing your own winter scene!  sales on lots of goodies!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Special Retreat Carsd

This card was made from the new stamps I purchased at my last out of town retreat. The picture does not  show that pieces all have glittery accents on top of the designs. But the magic is that these are stamps cut apart to make the final design. Finds some large stamps in your stash and cut sections off and glue them under each other and ad don top with pop dots and you have created a similar card using your own stamps! The long dark rectangle is cut in half  under the design in the middle, so it looks as if it is a much larger stamp and really it is one stamped twice! ( ends are glues together touching)  This is your assignment if you accept it!  Make your design for the holidays! Send me a picture and I will mail the winner a freebie fun holiday treat!  GET YOUR GREAT HOLIDAY SUPPLIES FROM ME TOO!  Have some steaming fun and therapy!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Let It Snow!

Hello stamp friends!  My computer has a bad virus so have not been blogging. Please hang in there with me and I will try to get back soon! This IS A QUICK AND EASY for you to make.  Cut a large circle for the head and add eyes and a nose. Use ribbon for scarf and stamp with white craft ink the snowflakes. Add bling in the centers and you have a lovely and fun card to share! Blessings if you need stamping up supplies .  Thanks Debbie

Monday, August 18, 2014

Privacy Screen Card

This card is right up my alley for making different folds and designs. The card is 11 by six inches. And you score at 2 and 3/4, 5 and 1/2 , then 8 and 1/4 inches.  The inside decorative panels are 4 and 5/8, by 2 and 3/8 inches.  The very best part of all is the way you get the legs to look so cute! It is the decorative label punch # 120907, 16.95  from stampin up.  You simply center the punch in the middle of each panel, but you only put the card stock in up to the half mark of the punch. This punch has a small point on each side of the longest side ( diamond shape or more than less than sign) and this is where you stop the paper so when you cut there is open space you can see through when you punch.
 ( you tube video) My stamp friend Betty used her Christmas ornament punch for the legs and they really looked pretty too! So get creative with it my friends. Please email me with your order you need this punch now! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

FERN Sympathy

This card was made by my stamp friend Lorna . This is a quick card with a clean look.  Stamp your brown elements on craft paper. Next stamp your fern, leaves or floral design in a dark green. Stamp off on a scrap before stamping onto the white cut out sentiment. Line your sentiment lighter colored ferns up with the dark green ones.  This gives your card another level of color and focus. The craft card with stamped designs are then mounted onto a white card stock, and green card base. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

New Flower Punch

This flowers punch is so pretty and I really like how the petals are cut out up to the center. This stamp and flower punch is from stamping up and the labels thin die is the perfect background! This card can be so different with the use of different designer paper and colors of card stock. My stamp friend Lorna made this card and shared it with me.  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Guest Designer Debbie A. Copics Coloring!

WOW this coloring makes me want to run in right now and get my copics out! Debbie is so very talented and has mastered copics coloring. She is a very dear friend and shares her love for stamping with all of us! The bright colors just seem to give me an energy boost! Want to be a guest designer? Just send me your design and description in an email and I will try to add you to my blog.  Happy stamping!     YOUR FUTURE IS ONLY as bright as your FAITH! Be Blessed!

Butterfly Napkin Card

This beauty was designed by Lorna T. She first stamped the flourishes background and then fused the napkin to her card stock and cut it out to add it to her card. The colors are just lovely and she did a wonderful job! We have so much fun together and we get-together every chance we get to enjoy our friendship and stamping.

Stamp Friends Flock Together!

This is a design by my new stamp friend Debbie R.  She has hosted us for two play days in her lovely home and we have had such a wonderful time, and been very blessed by the good fun and fellowship! I shared the paper napkin technique and this is what Debbie made. I so love the birds and the extras she added make it just the perfect finish for this card. Thanks Debbie for your kindness and creativity! ( See former post on napkin technique)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Paper Napkin Background! Make your own!

I love trying new techniques and this background with the butterfly was made from a paper napkin. Most napkins have three layers and you start in one corner and separate the layers down to the last pretty print. On an ironing board place a large protective piece of scrap paper so that you do not mess up your board.  Cut a piece of plastic wrap to cover entire size of card stock. ( it is ok if it hangs over, just do not let it melt onto your iron)  Center the napkin layer over the card stock, on top of the plastic wrap. Then place a scrap card stock over your project.( This protects your iron) Next press with a medium temperature iron for about 45 seconds. Pull protection paper away.  The plastic wrap becomes the bonding agent and bonds the napkin to your card stock . Cut away the section you do not like, and add it to your next card as your homemade background paper! On my design above the red butterfly and the purple design at the top is the bonded napkin. The rest are add ons!  This technique is on you tube for a video sample look there! Please email me your sample! Blessings My stamp friends!

Happy Summer Birthday

This card is great for the simple yet elegant summer birthday! With a combination of stamped and punched flowers in a variety of colors, and accent color background frame it just works wonderfully! Have fun!

Friday, June 27, 2014


Flowers just make me smile and this rose embossing folder can add so much to your project.  I know it is difficult to see but, across the top of the rose I have cut out the design and then stamped my sentiment in the corner under my cut out. I used chalks to color the roses with and then added the bling in the middle. It is very simple yet elegant card!  I hope your day is very blessed and take some time today to renew your faith and lift your spirits by giving someone a beautiful card you have made  yourself!


Isn't this card the cutest thing and your going to love making it! This little punch is from you guessed it, stampin up! My stamp friend Betty designed it and I just can not tell you how much  everyone likes it.  The banners are punched out every other one, and then glued down the ones with designer paper

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Feather and Flower

I just love this new stampin up peacock stamp! I colored it with copic markers and added pearls to the center of each feather. They are difficult to see but in person it is just wonderful! The small yellow flowers and the lighter yellow spiral die cut added the right amount of accent colors to make the design flow together.  I know you need this stamp email me and I will order it for you!

Splish Splash!

This was a printable from my stamp friend Debbie.  She and I met at the copics certification class and we became instant friends! She brought this make and take to my house for a weekend sleep over retreat.  As you can see we had a blast making cards and we always manage to laugh and enjoy our time together! The yellow background was embossed and the black frame was die cut.  I colored with copics and then glued it over a ribbon band that matched the little lady bugs back.  We had some rain here this morning in Little Elm so I felt like this card was great to share today.  I am saying my morning prayers and counting my blessings, then off to unpack more in my new craft studio! I will post a picture when I am finished.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


I love this fabulous flourishes background stamp from stamin up. I stamped it in black for the background and then placed the cut out of the bird.  I had a die cut spiral piece from my friend Debbie and added it over the top right side. Then the finishing touch was the little butterfly! This is your challenge of the week ! Make a card with all there things on it and send me a picture! I will post your card and send you a great surpise for participating!

Rose with a twist!

This is one of the make and takes from the meet up event I attend on Saturday. This is a beautiful stampinup stamp, ( stippled blossoms)  and we used the stampamajig, to help us line the second color over the top of the first design. I had used one a while back but had forgotten how this really takes the worry out of a two stamping process! Thanks to Angel for reteaching me this technique!  It is my daughter-in- laws birthday soon so I will give this card to her. I added the little spirals for the twist on my card! If you need some stampinup supplies let me know!

Thanks A LATT E!

Thanks to the Crafting with the Heart meet up group! My stamp friend Lorna and I attend on Saturday and it was a blast! This is a great group of ladies and they were very friendly and made us feel so welcomed.  Several ladies brought things to share, and we made some very nice make and take cards! I will post some next. I hope to host this group soon, and continue stamping and crafting with these ladies!  This card is one that Betty and I made a while back but I just loved it, and want to make some more. I know all of you coffee fans like it too! Drink a cup while you play today! Blessings my friends!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Zentangel Design Card

I think the Zentangle doodling look is so cool! This card is a stamp and it makes the coloring extra fun for me.  Coloring is one of my best forms of therapy and I really love getting to choose all of the fun colors! I hear you saying, I don't have a stamp like this but you really do! Take a stamp with some larger empty spaces and use smaller stamps to fill in some designs or use a black pen and design your own! Send me your samples so I can post them! 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


This card is a very simple design and can be done with any sentiment you wish! I really like the clean and elegant design. The flowers are some retired stampinup papers that I just loved, and they have come out with so many pretty new ones. Let me know if you need to order some supplies! Happy stamping this week!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer Time Flowers

This card has a white base card that is difficult to see but, that is how the rectangle flower on the dark blue mat is able to hang off to the side. The dark green base is about two inches smaller in width, then the dark blue base is an inch and half smaller than the green base and you center it over the green.  I placed a larger blue mat under the long flower and it hangs over onto the white of the card base.  The blue butterfly with some bling on it adds a little POP as does the light blue ribbon.  Have a blessed rest of the week and get your stamp on! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


This design is taken from a card I saw on another blog. I love to to make different types of technique cards so I had to try this one too!  I used a clear sheet of firm acrylic.  I had to cut the front out of a product bag holding die cuts. The second picture with the black dot helps you to see the clear acrylic. My piece was a little short, and  I had to move it down each time so it would reach from corner to corner. I taped my white background card stock to the mat with tape runner on the back, so it would not slide during daubing on of color.  You angle the clear sheet from corner to corner, and top to bottom, diagonally. Use your colored ink pad and a dauber, then smudge ink up in a straight line off the edge of the clear acrylic sheet. Move it down to leave a space about 3/4 or any size that appeals to you, and daub on color again. Continue with this process until you have filled in the entire half. Place the clear sheet back in the center, daub the color on repeating all the way to the edge. Next retape the daubed piece so that you can now make a strip going across the ones you have just laid down.  When you have finished this side you may need to add some color around the edges to give it a completed look.  Do not worry that your stripes are not perfectly spaced! You will add something on the top and you will be amazed as you look at it how it becomes a pillow top look.  I colored my butterflies with copics and added them to my base with pop dots to give them some lift! You can have such a great time with this technique and I sure would love to share your designs so send me a picture! Thanks or 979-255-0337.  P<S> This technique is on Youtube, 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

You Are My Sunshine

What better way to get sunshine in your life than by making a card and sharing it with someone!  I love the reaction I get from my friends when they seem my cards they think I am really talented! My most favorite thing to share, is to teach them how to make cards, and they see that they are really talented too! The designer paper on this card is a scrap I found cleaning out my craft studio. I am so blessed to have my sweet friend Debbie and her son helping me to redesign my studio. He is building me a great counter top with track lighting so I can have a workable space.  We have packed up my room and moved it all out to start over! It may take the whole summer to get this done but I am so excited to be finally working on it.  Debbie is my "SUNSHINE' and the Lord brought her to me at a time I need her the most! She makes me realize every time we are together how Great God is and how he takes care of us in the best ways! So your assignment today is; tell someone they are your sunshine, with a special card you design for them! The flowers and butterflies are a combination of stamped and rub on designs.  I have the same design on the inside of the card.  The sentiment and the little label I stamped and hand cut out. The yellow flowers are for accent color and were some peel and stick left from another project. Go design!


I really think the design of this card is fun! When you place the accent colored background at an angel, and then the white piece angled too you get a totally different look on your card.  The circle accents circles and the Happy Birthday in a third color really make the design complete.  If you do not have circles you could use squares, flowers, birthday cakes or anything that suits your fancy to form this design.  Just be sure to place your accent color ( green) UNDER the middle design on your card to bring all of the colors together.  Have some Happy Time with your card making and remember to count your blessings today! I know I am very blessed!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


This card is very perfect for a masculine look! It is really not done with a paint ball gun but, that might have been fun to try! I do love different types of techniques and special folds! This is a new stampinup stamp set,  very fun,  and can be done in so many cool colors.  My stamp friend shared this card with me and today is her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I am so very blessed to have her as my sweet friend.  She came and stayed with me after my surgery, while my honey was out of town and she took great care of me. My friends are very important to me and most of them have become my extended family! I love you LORNA!! Enjoyed our lunch and shopping today! Next time we can really play paint ball!

Monday, May 5, 2014

'PUT THE PETAL TO THE METAL' Metal sheets that is!

This is a new technique that I really like and have not yet found all of the correct supplies, but you know I had to make the card so this is what I used.  The border of the card was made with a new very fine paper called METAL SHEETS. or METAL FLAKES, or metal leaf.  I like the sheets the best as they are easier to control. The metallic look is very pretty and comes in a variety of colors both solid and mixed marbled look.  I used double sided tape and you can use double sided sticky cut out or die cuts.  I put a small amount of tape on the back of my card base. (any size you wish) and taped it to my work matt.  I edged the border of the card base with the double sided tape by trying to lay it against the edge of the paper. I cut off any edges that went over the outside edge.  I then placed the flakes over the tape and rubbed it with a small craft sponge. (Medium to firm works best)  The flakes or metal sheet will adhere to the tape and it lays very flat and smooth.  You can save any little pieces, as they can be used over, so just put them back in the bag.  I colored my roses with my colic markers and cut it out then placed on top of the orange card stock and then glued it to the gold  base with pop dots to give it a lift off the page.   This technique also can be done by using FLURRY GLUE which is a white glue on a stamp.  You sponge the glue onto your stamp with a light touch so you do not force the glue down in the low area of the stamp or the negative area.  Then stamp off your image and then add the metal sheets or flakes to the image and burnish it with a sponge or your finger.  The stamped design will grab the flakes and you will end up with a beautifully foiled image. Take the other sponge and run the excess flakes off so that you get a definite outline of your stamped image.  These sheets and flakes remind me of the gold leaf we use to put on craft projects years back!  I have found some on line stores that have the entire line of products and I even found some at Hobby Lobby.  I tried using a craft glue and it was not as successful, so if you want to stamp an image think you will need the Flurry glue.
Have questions email me at

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Steampunk Lady from my retreat

This is a card by my sweet friend Debbie A. She colored it with colic markers and I think it is just wonderful! We had such great time in Wylie at our stamp retreat and as always the time flew by too fast. If you have not tried copics they are so easy to blend and get colors you never dreamed!

Grass with new scissors ORDER YOURS NOW!

How totally fun is this card cut with the new stampin up scissors? The butterflies are on strips of hard plastic so they stand up and flutter when the card is open. You can add anything to the inside to fit your theme and card design. The scissors are so easy to use and are must have! email me for your pair today! .

Quick and Easy Yet Very Cool!

This look is so easy and you can give any card a different look by cutting your white card stock into three or more strips. Be creative and make them different sizes and shapes! Stamp the image and color it before you cut your shapes, then you leave a small space between them when you put them on the background color.  I like to use a pop dot to give the look some lift off the page! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pop Up Die Cut Card

This project took some time but I am in love with die cuts that make a full scene. The banner is covering the cute Live Love and Laugh sign. It pops up when you open the card.  The die, cuts out the base card and tells you where to add the little decorative pieces. My friends went crazy over this card and really want to make some more.  Dig out your die cuts and make a new card this week! BE BLESSED!   DEBBIE


I really like this zentangle type of look on a card! This is several stamps cut out and put together.  I used pop dots to give the pieces dimension and layers. I hear you saying, I do not have any stamps like that! Well, again all you need is a couple of stamps with open space in the designs. Then you can stamp inside to give it a new design element, or doodle in your own designs! This type of art really brings out the artist in me, I like to use what I have to make something new and different.  Use a leaf stamp and add in your own squiggly line, or stamp with a paisley stamp, or even small hearts. I have you thinking now right? Please send me a picture of your new designs and remember I always send you a great surprise back! Have some SPRING FUN!


Hello to all of my stamper friends! I am back in the saddle of stamping again.  I have had a long break due to my hip replacement surgery. I am doing well and still recovering!  And to get back in the swing I am posting several cards today, and a new contest!   To help you get motivated, and get me some new cards to copy I am giving away a great package of stamps, card stock, bling and markers! All new and ready for you to make some new spring things! What you need to do is mail me via snail mail Debbie Segler 14916 Riverside Drive Little Elm, Texas 75068, three finished cards that I can use to make some new things from!  That is easy enough right! Your cards need to be mailed to me and received by April 28th. I will pick the winner on that day and be sure to include your snail mail address so I can mail your prize if your the winner!  This card is one of my new stamps from the last stamp show I attended in Plano, Texas. I love windows and the stained glass really is fun to color.  We used copic and stampin- up markers to color this project. I have a sneaky way for you to make stained glass look if you do not have a stamp. I still can't get upstairs to my craft studio, but when I can I will use several small individual stamps to make my own stained glass design. You stamp three in a row to form a window shape like this card has, and then overlay a window die cut to give yours the window shape. I know you all have some little stamps that you can group together to design your windows! Please email me a picture of your designed stained glass window cards!~

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Just Because!

This just because turned out simple but elegant! The border flowers are from a new punch.  The little scalloped flowers
 are a peel and stick border from a kit from stamin up. Please remember if you want to order give me a shout!  Just because was a stamp and the card it is stamped on has little flowers and leaves to frame in the words. I loved the colors and they all came together for a Spring Time feeling to this card. 

Love is In the Air!

This is the season for Love so get your creativity going by making a love card! The front is designer paper with some yellow twine placed around holding a stamped and punched heart. The red word love gives the card a focal point and some real pop of color. Then the button and bling was the finishing touch. The inside of the card is covered with coordinating designer paper and there is a large heart punched out of the center giving you a place to write, (sorry no picture)  I think it it LOVELY! 

Prom Night! !

This card was so much fun to make! Stamp friend Betty came through again and printed these for me. You cut the items out and then add pop dots to give the  pieces dimension. The rose and the girls dress have about four layers and really look beautiful in person. Youc an use the technique with your stamps. You just stamp five images one for your base to glue to and four to add on the top! This is your assignment if you accept it! Get inspired and get to stamping! I would love to see your projects too! 

Key to my Heart!

I was stamping with my friends and we had been seeing Valentines cards on blogs so we jumped in and made this one. The stamped heart was Bettys stamp and   
I really liked the textured look it gave the card.  We layered the card stock behind the heart and added the cute little doily for a lacy trim.  The border is wasi tape jut love that stuff!  he red key was punch out  from a kit but you can even stamp a key if you wanted to. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Better Than Therapy!

Hello friends! I have been off the blogging trail for a while.  I have a ruptured disk in my back and will have surgery soon.  I have been playing some but mostly just trying to make it till my surgery. Here are 3 fun cards to get you back in the swing of stamping too! The butterfly card is a design from my friend Lorna she had this all embossed and punched for us to make and I just love the colors and design. The card stock is embossed with embossing folders and cut into strips about one inch thick, then a punched butter fly is added at the end with a few pearls to form the body of the butterfly. This punch is a stampin up punch and I will be happy to order all of these supplies for you just let me know. or 979-255-0377 

This pretty girl was a copics colored card from my friend Debbie, she colored it and I designed the card. She is a little blurry in my photo sorry but in person she is clear and beautiful! The thinking of you is a stamping up stamp set and has a cute flower, coffee cup, and some sentiments in the set. It pairs with the checked roller and WOW is it cute together! So, add this to your order too! 

Thanks to my friend Betty this flower card is a stamp up stamp with a variety of sentiments, you will love it! We stamped the flower three times cut it apart and layered it with pop dots! It has bling in the center colored with sharpie markers to give it that extra punch! So, be inspired and feel free, to copy! 


This card is a little dark but I had to show you the cute design that comes in the card kit. There are so many beautiful pieces and you can...