Monday, May 5, 2014

'PUT THE PETAL TO THE METAL' Metal sheets that is!

This is a new technique that I really like and have not yet found all of the correct supplies, but you know I had to make the card so this is what I used.  The border of the card was made with a new very fine paper called METAL SHEETS. or METAL FLAKES, or metal leaf.  I like the sheets the best as they are easier to control. The metallic look is very pretty and comes in a variety of colors both solid and mixed marbled look.  I used double sided tape and you can use double sided sticky cut out or die cuts.  I put a small amount of tape on the back of my card base. (any size you wish) and taped it to my work matt.  I edged the border of the card base with the double sided tape by trying to lay it against the edge of the paper. I cut off any edges that went over the outside edge.  I then placed the flakes over the tape and rubbed it with a small craft sponge. (Medium to firm works best)  The flakes or metal sheet will adhere to the tape and it lays very flat and smooth.  You can save any little pieces, as they can be used over, so just put them back in the bag.  I colored my roses with my colic markers and cut it out then placed on top of the orange card stock and then glued it to the gold  base with pop dots to give it a lift off the page.   This technique also can be done by using FLURRY GLUE which is a white glue on a stamp.  You sponge the glue onto your stamp with a light touch so you do not force the glue down in the low area of the stamp or the negative area.  Then stamp off your image and then add the metal sheets or flakes to the image and burnish it with a sponge or your finger.  The stamped design will grab the flakes and you will end up with a beautifully foiled image. Take the other sponge and run the excess flakes off so that you get a definite outline of your stamped image.  These sheets and flakes remind me of the gold leaf we use to put on craft projects years back!  I have found some on line stores that have the entire line of products and I even found some at Hobby Lobby.  I tried using a craft glue and it was not as successful, so if you want to stamp an image think you will need the Flurry glue.
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  1. I love this and I want you to teach me how to do it!!!



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