Friday, December 26, 2014

Lovely As A Tree

I know there is a glare on this card front, but I had to share with you my after Christmas Thank You card. I am off upstairs to play and make a few special thank you cards to send! This is the best stamping up set ever!  The bottom half of the card is stamped on velum and colored with daubers and sponges to get the blue water and sky look.  You then tear the velum across the bottom and flip the color side down and glue it to your scene of trees stamped on card stock. I will try to post my card I make today for you too! Getting back in the card swing! Have Fun!   We had a very blessed Holiday with our children and grand babies, and I again feel the many blessings of the Holiday and the many gifts from GOD!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Blue Bird

I have found some more bird cards and had to share with you. I love to color the birds and like to use watercolor pencils, and copic markers.  I enjoy being able to go from light to darks in the coloring and give them a some true to life feel.  I have had some large geese on my pond and they are so beautiful! They honk when the sun comes up every morning . I save all of my old bread and vegetable peels and feed them they get so excited to swim over to me and I love to watch them in the water.  I hope this gives you some inspiration to stamp some birds today!

A Little Bird Told Me

Hello my stamp friends! I hope this finds you blessed and enjoying the many blessings of the Holiday season!  You have to look close but there is a little red breasted bird in the lower left corner of this card!  I posted it for several reasons on of which is that birds bring me such gifts of Love and Joy and uplift my spirits when I see them and hear them sing! My sweet mother - in - law Mary Lake loved birds and always had many feeders out for them.  Now when I see a bird or a pair of them it reminds me of her and Big Daddy and my parents as well as they loved birds too! I feel like they are watching over our family and reminding us of Gods many miracles of animals!  We found some darling birds for our granddaughters that sing and whistle and play over twenty songs. They will be so much fun to enjoy on Christmas.


This card is a little dark but I had to show you the cute design that comes in the card kit. There are so many beautiful pieces and you can...