Sunday, February 12, 2017

Come On SPRING!!!

Hello stampin friends just a great day for getting out my stamp toys and enjoying the relaxation and therapy stating brings!  This card is one that has several layers and it is elegant yet very simple to make. The lattice is die cut out of a coper paper that gives the card some bang and brings out the  print on the background. The flowers were stated and colored with stampin up markers. 

This little chick is holding the balloons with a bow made with the bow punch! The side panel is die cut and then lawyered over the solid card stock for the base of the card. A variety of balloons were punched out of stamping up designer papers. The little hearts are for valentines day!  

This sea scene is a favorite of mine and I love coloring it! My friend Debbie shared this with me and I love it so much I have to make some more! Hugs for a Blessed week and fun stamping! contact me for you orders. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

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This card I made with my stamp friend Lorna we have such a great time when we all get to visit and design cards! This card had several layers and the dry embossing folder is very pretty and can just be done in any color you like!  

This card was made with Botanical Blooms stamp set(17.00)  and die cuts. (33.00) Cheaper when you bundle! Stampin up! 

This card is a special fold and opens in three directions! Looks very difficult but is not at all! 

Sunday, January 8, 2017


This card was a group project and a little design from myself and my stamp friend Debbie. She designed the base of the card and cut us these beautiful shinny coper designs. There was a box that held the cards for a very nice gift. I was stingy and kept the box for me as I just loved it! So, I took some of the cards and added some stamped flowers and color to make it a new design to work on.  This gave me such boost that I was able to design and make the next three cards too! Hope this inspires you when you have design block to get out something you really like and add to it or start over using that design and add a new something to the basics design, 

This new card has been embossed with the stampin up embossing folder that has two folders in one PKG! I first embossed the base of the card in white, and then embossed the top flowers and colored them with copic markers and cut them out and added them over the white embossed base card.  The pearls on the sentiment and the center of the card really added a little extra to the design! The card base is a DSP that is a mix of all of the colors in the card front. 

I so enjoyed this new Irresistibly floral Speciality Designer Paper (141644) from stampin up. It has the floral design embossed in white and you add the color with a dauber sponge or brayer to give it the colored background for your project! Like a box of chocolate never know what your going to get! Have some design therapy this week! Blessing to all of you! email me for your supplies. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Importance of Friends of Faith!

During this Holiday season I have been so blessed by the love of friends and family! As I take my journey through life, I realize more each day, the super importance of friends of faith! They seem to have this built in radar to contact me and encourage me at just the right time of my need!   I had met two ladies from Africa three years ago, they were stranded at a store and the elderly mother was too weak to walk any further. Her daughter was trying to console her and they both looked so lost and scared.  I saw them sitting on a bench outside of the store when I went in and they were still there when I came back out. So, I went over and spoke to them and asked them if I could help by giving them  a ride somewhere. They both said together Thank you Lord!  That was where our journey of friendship began. I took them to eat and we visited and shared about our lives and families and we became instant friends! They were staying with relatives in the area and I often went and got them took them shopping, to the doctor, or to just have some time visiting.  Every time they would get into my car, we would all hold hands. and they would pray for me and mine and thank the Lord for us meeting that very first day outside of the store! The daughter has since gotten her nursing license and I am able to say that I was some help in that!  She has since moved to Florida and I had not heard form her in almost a year.  Then yesterday my phone rang with a number I did not recognize, and it was her cherry voice, with her beautiful accent and she said Hello my friend and sister in Christ!  We had a wonderful conversation and she said she wanted to again thank me for stopping to help them and not walk away like so many others, that had just passed them by. She thanked me for all of my goodness and kindness and we both again claimed that the Lord had given us the gift of love and friendship to have for a lifetime. We visited and caught up on each others families and she as always encouraged me to continue to help others.   That is what I am passing this story on to all of you that read my blog. I am sending cards today to many friends and family that I have not heard from in ages! And hoping to share some love and encouragement.  Everyday we all pass by someone that needs a smile and a gesture of love and encouragement! So, this is your assignment if you accept it! Make about five pretty cards with a  friendly greeting on them and carry them in your purse over then next few week. When you go to the grocery store, doctor , work wherever make it a point to stop and give your greeting card to someone and wish them well! I have my business card inside mine and I will tell them to contact me and we can become email buddies.  The we can share our love of our card making craft, and the love others all at the same time!  Let then share on my blog the stories of goodness and friendship that comes your way! Send me your address and I will send you my friendship of faith card in the mail! Hugs to all ! Enjoy my cards! Debbie
This card is made with one of my favorite stamps, it reminds me of Rusty's mother as she loved humming birds! Great card to share with new friends! 

The Parrots seem to be talking to you from this card send cheery Hellos! 

I used a dry embossing folder for this card and then added the sentiment and bling to it. The ribbon was stitched in white and it is from stamping up. I have many beautiful ribbons and stamp supplies contact me and I will order what you want and send it to you! 979-255-0377 

This special fold is one that is so easy to make and I love the way it looks so fancy and difficult. Order this week and I will send you card kits to make five beautiful cards all designed and ready for you to just put them together as your free gift! Hope to hear form you soon! 

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Merry Christmas to All!! Enjoy your family!

We are so blessed by the love of our family and are so looking forward to our visit with our kids and grand children. Out kids are grown up and have wonderful families of their own but at Christmas time they are always  our kids! Thank you Lord for these wonderful gifts of love and blessings! Only gift we need is each other!
This card has die cut trees and the sentiment has some bling added to give it a great boost. I love the holiday paper with the shinny ribbon for an extra too ! 
Cute little bells decorate this card and the polka dot paper layers under it. I hope your having the best Christmas season every and finding time to remember that we are celebrating the Birth of Jesus! Hugs and best Wishes to all my stamper friends! Love and God Bless Debbie 
A Lovely Story About Me One day, long, long ago , there lived a beautiful woman who did not whine, nag or bitch (That would be me...) But that was a long time ago and it was just that one day. The End