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Butterfly Card By Guest Designer/Host Paula-Kay BEAUTIFUL!

Thanks you so much Paula, for your beautiful work and words! Paula is a very experienced designer and she has always been so kind and sweet to me when we meet at card making events! I am very happy to have her as my guest and hope she will host again in the next few months!
Hi there!  This is Paula-KayBourland joining Debbie in helping friends “SEEK HIM DAILY”.  I’m honored to post a card for you to enjoy.
My card is made with a stamp set from Stampin’ Up’s Sale-a-Bration going on now until March 31, 2015.  It is called Butterfly Basics.  I’ve also used the Butterflies Thinlits Dies.  For this card I made my own background using stamps in the set.  The inks I used are Palette Jardin Moss, Boudoir Blush, and Raw Sienna.  I just stamped them randomly over the card.  The base card is green cardstock.  I stamped the sentiment in Palette Noir ink and matted it in the green cardstock.  A green ribbon was placed under the sentiment, which is popped up with foam mounting tape.  Lastly, I added …

GODS LOVE IS FOR ALL OF US!! Enjoy the sunlight today !

FROM Carry on Warrior :by Glennon Doyle Melton

I like to compare God's love to the sunshine.  The sun shows up every morning , no matter how bad you have been the night before.  It shines without judgment. It never withholds. It warms the sinners, the saints, the druggies, the cheerleaders,-the saved, and the heathens alike.  You can hide from the sun but it won't take that personally. It'll never, ever punish you for hiding.  You can stay in the darkness for years or decades, and when you finally step outside, it'll be there.  It was there the whole time, shining and shining. It'll still be there, steady and bright as ever, just waiting for you to notice, to come out, to be warmed.  All those years, I thought of God and light and the sun, as judgmental, but they weren't .  The sunrise was my daily invitation from God to come back to life.   WOW I so loved this from the book and it is very true, and really rang home for me!
I am a former teacher/administrator a…


Hello my sweet stamp friends! I am so very excited and blessed today! My stamp friend Betty has shared my mission of helping others "SEEK HIM DAILY" and she was my first guest host/designer!  Her card was a beautiful Texas Howdy and I know it came from her heart as she has a great love of others, and knows the Lord, and goes to him often in prayer on others behalf! ( Often mine)  So be sure to scroll down and read past post so you can see all of the great stories that are being shared to glorify our Lord! And if you would like to be a host simply click on the word comment and send me  a post or and email

This card is called Bird Song! The sentiment says sing like no one is listening. I used a designer paper for the background that has some tree, leaves and flower, designs with some newsprint. I glued that to a chocolate brown card stock for the base of my card. ( Please remember that I sell Stampin' Up! let me know if you need anything) The brown d…

Guest Hostess/Designer

Betty Justilian Schaub Zack's Nana's Creative Imagination Guest Designer

Howdy!  Debbie Segler and I met in October 2008. It was at a Stampin' Up! Class. We hit it off right away. She was new to the area and hadn't made many friends yet. I had been here since 2001 and only had one really good friend. We know that day, God brought us together. 
Have you ever sat down in a public place and just smiled at people walking by? That's my "Howdy". Often times I have been on the receiving end of a "howdy". I don't know if those people realize how much that meant to me. Its my little pick me up. Better than my morning coffee! That little bit of kindness shown to me, well, it brightened up my day. 
God moves in mysterious ways. I've been hearing that since I was a child.  If you're moved... Next time you are sitting at the mall people watching, send someone a "howdy". You will never know how that "howdy" will move them.

Butterflies Make Me SMILE! SO SEEK HIM DAILY!!

This card is so pretty and I copied it from laurascreativemoments.blogspot.  WOW I wish I could go take a few classes with her for sure! This is the swallow tail stamp from Stampin' Up! and she has made it in several colors.  She has used a sponge or dauber to accent her paper with brown ink to give a aged or antiqued look to her cards. I am so excited to try to make one of these that I had to share it with all of you!  I am going to begin a new phase only blog and I am happy to announce my first guest host/designer!  I am inviting friends to help get our praise on and share our uplifting stories and a card design!  My first new host will be Betty Schaub! She has been dear friend for five years and she is a very talented artist~! Betty and I were brought together at a time that we both needed a good friend and the Lord helped us to grow through him! Betty knows the value of praise and having good friends to help you "SEEK HIM DAILY" and this is my new journey on my blog…

Blue Bird Sing to ME! When you hear it sing remember I am THINKING OF YOU!

Hello my sweet stamp friends! I had a very blessed weekend with my family and got to enjoy my grand baby girls! I am so blessed by my children and their wives! We are beyond lucky to have them wanting us to visit them and spend time.  I came home feeling like I had been to Church, and had a counseling session! My daughter in law Katherine and I have wonderful talks and visits, guided by the Lord and we just seem to run out of time! I totally honor and respect her insights and she is very encouraging and is willing to share her heart and soul with me and when she does, I grow in my walk and she inspires me beyond belief! I have been floundering around since my retirement wanting to do something more purposeful and worth while, to share my love for the Lord and my talents! She too is searching for a meaningful outreach, in which she can give to others and grow through her works.  So we are praying for guidance and support.  I will be her helper in any task she undertakes, as I know she …

Need Some SPRING!

This card was inspired by another stamper and I changed it to fit my supplies. The paper is a grey stamped on white ( background) with a little sheen to it.  I only had one small sheet in my paper swap bag. It is from stampin up and is made for you to color it with daubers or whatever to design your own fit.  So I used a dauber with orange ink and then only colored one side of the card at an angle. The card is framed in black card stock and I added the orange colored frame around the sentiment.  I also added a yellow butterfly sticker that I had in my stash! This was a fun therapy card for me today! Hope you enjoy and send me a picture of your card and I will post one and send you a gift in the mail! Blessings Debbie

Winter on the Pond!

Hello my stamp friend! It is that crazy time of year for me so my post have been few! Going to basketball games twice a week and just doing life has me on the run!  EVERY HOUSE IS BUILT BY SOMEONE BUT GOD IS THE BUILDER OF EVERYTHING. Hebrews 3:4 I saw this verse on another stampers blog and it really hit home with me today! My honey is at work( been spoiled he was off for Holidays)  and I am alone in this big house listening to the winds howl over the pond, and even the screens on the windows are rattling! The heater has not had time to catch up with the cold as it was 80 yesterday and 34 now! I feel very isolated and alone sometimes as I am sure you do too. I am thinking this type of day would make a great scene in a horror movie! LOL!  I open the blinds and look out, and there is a flicker of sun light reflecting off a metal cross on my fence, made from wire and wood by son over 15 years back.  The sight of the cross and the memory, turned the day totally around to the fact, that G…