Monday, January 19, 2015

Blue Bird Sing to ME! When you hear it sing remember I am THINKING OF YOU!

Hello my sweet stamp friends! I had a very blessed weekend with my family and got to enjoy my grand baby girls! I am so blessed by my children and their wives! We are beyond lucky to have them wanting us to visit them and spend time.  I came home feeling like I had been to Church, and had a counseling session! My daughter in law Katherine and I have wonderful talks and visits, guided by the Lord and we just seem to run out of time! I totally honor and respect her insights and she is very encouraging and is willing to share her heart and soul with me and when she does, I grow in my walk and she inspires me beyond belief! I have been floundering around since my retirement wanting to do something more purposeful and worth while, to share my love for the Lord and my talents! She too is searching for a meaningful outreach, in which she can give to others and grow through her works.  So we are praying for guidance and support.  I will be her helper in any task she undertakes, as I know she will be such an inspiration and godsend to others! If your like me and feel a little out of sorts and empty, choose a friend or relative to team up with to work on a project for others! That is when you feel the best about yourself, when you are giving in his name and glory!~  Choose a friend that mirrors your goals, and type of character traits that you desire, and she will keep you on track and be there to lean on when you need support!   Thanks to my Katherine I came home inspired and energetic and excited to look for and find the right spot to share and sing his praise and love! This week when you hear the birds sing, please let that trigger your memory that you need to sing to others, that need your kind and honest words, and love! 

The bird card is stamped on cream card stock and I did not color him in this time. I layered dark blue under the banner and then use the dark blue as the card base.  The cream under the banner is an embossed strip that I used a new embossing folder that my sweet friend Nancy gave me and I just loved the results.  Nancy is another one of those wonderful women that shares and gives with such a good heart!  I stamped the green leaves and blue flowers in a random pattern to make my own designer paper to place on the top of my card, and I used the extra strip on the inside on top of cream paper so that I can write my sentiment there! The pearls were a gift from my stamping friend Lorna and they just add the right little pop and focal point on my card! I will use this card as an encouragement to a very special friend this week! So get your stamp supplies out and make a card for several people that you know would be so surprised to hear form you! Have a blessed week full of GIVING, and I want to hear back from some of you so I can sure your stories of giving! Be Blessed Debbie

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