Tuesday, November 11, 2014


This card brought lots of joy to me as it was made during fun time spent with my friend Debbie A. She is such a great friend and inspires me to continue to walk in my faith daily buy sharing faith pod cast, cds, books and mostly her heart and Love of the Lord!  She blesses me with her gifts of hard work and helping me to redo my stamp studio and it is looking great! As I have said before God places people in our lives that we need and she has definitely been one of those gifts!   I know that we often have days and even weeks, or months that seem like we have terrible things happening and it weights us down. You can feel like your walking in mud, and your shoes are sinking in like quick sand. Things become so negative and overwhelming, that you need some one strong to pull you out of harms way! This is when you put on your "Faith ARMOR" Gods armor, (Ephesians 6: 1-12) Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.) The shield of faith is so powerful and when you wear it every day, others around you will even ask, what is going on with you today?  You look so beautiful, happy and all together!  I have not spent big bucks at the salon or gone shopping for new clothes, I have spent time BEING JOYFUL IN MY FAITH! That joy is so strong it attacks the senses! Others will see, taste and smell and be open to hearing it as well! Share your faith tell others of Gods armor,and that they can trust, his strength will get us all through the terrible times and his joy and glory will lift your spirits beyond belief!  I so enjoy making cards and sending them to my friends and family.  This card was embossed with pewter powder and then I hand cut it and placed it on a border punched designer paper. I made a pretty red one too and will post it soon. I have beautiful card supplies and will be happy to order for you! debsegler@gmail.com Be Blessed my friends!  

Friday, November 7, 2014

He painted nature for us!

This is been a time of blessings and reflections for me lately.  I have turned 29, ( again) and as I get older I have begun to realize even more how important Faith, Family and Friends are to all of us! For part of my birthday celebration we traveled to Huntsville to visit Kyle and Ashley and go to Sam Houston's football game. The game was good because we won, but the biggest win was our time with family. Ashley's Mom and Dad joined us and we were touched by Kathy's survival story of beating cancer! We all agreed on the fact that prayer and the Lord gets us through the most difficult times! We all left uplifted and strengthened through our hugs, stories and great fellowship together.  On the way home as often we do,  Rusty and I have our best talks in the car! SO, again we marveled at what a wonderful son and daughter in law we have been blessed with and that the time spent with them gets us pumped up for the next week.  We also discussed that with the Love of the Lord in our hearts, our family experiences take on a "magical feeling" that others can not seem to understand unless they too walk in Faith!  The kids gave me a massage day for birthday and I am excited to go and relax and enjoy the gift of their love!   I heard from over 35 friends and family members wishing me well and sending me great notes of love and joy to store away for those days that I need to go back and look at the text and emails of well wishes and encouragements! I even got a Facebook message from Mitch Segler and was not sure how I knew him but, we decided we must somehow be related with the last name spelled the same.  Another thing I have learned over the years is that things like this are not luck or accidents, they are another gift from God and he brings people into our live that we need and we may not even know why.  I mean really getting a HAPY BIRTHDAY from a stranger is a very special thing! I love Birthdays so I celebrate mine for the entire month! HA! Try it it works great and you have that Happy Birthday feeling much longer! The next weekend we travelled to Wichita Falls to see Tres and Katherine and our sweet grand girls and I will share that with you next post! Be blessed and invite the Lord in for your next birthday celebration!    This scene card is a technique that I so enjoy and feel like a real artist when I design these. More facts on how later!


This card is a little dark but I had to show you the cute design that comes in the card kit. There are so many beautiful pieces and you can...