Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter on the Pond!

Hello my stamp friend! It is that crazy time of year for me so my post have been few! Going to basketball games twice a week and just doing life has me on the run!  EVERY HOUSE IS BUILT BY SOMEONE BUT GOD IS THE BUILDER OF EVERYTHING. Hebrews 3:4 I saw this verse on another stampers blog and it really hit home with me today! My honey is at work( been spoiled he was off for Holidays)  and I am alone in this big house listening to the winds howl over the pond, and even the screens on the windows are rattling! The heater has not had time to catch up with the cold as it was 80 yesterday and 34 now! I feel very isolated and alone sometimes as I am sure you do too. I am thinking this type of day would make a great scene in a horror movie! LOL!  I open the blinds and look out, and there is a flicker of sun light reflecting off a metal cross on my fence, made from wire and wood by son over 15 years back.  The sight of the cross and the memory, turned the day totally around to the fact, that God has built this day for me, and it is really worth me making the most of it!  My son Tres has a creative nature and loves to build and work with his hands~! I think he got that from me as I love the same and I am always trying to craft something! Why today did I see the cross my son made, on the fence that has been there for over five years! God built it for me, to remind me that we are never alone, and never in need of a project to do, as many need to hear how wonderful the Lord's works of art are!  The very nature of being able to take a negative and turn or build it into a positive is another blessing I have received! I only had to open the blind and there was my motivation for the days journey.  So, what will I do with the uplifting experience? I am sharing it with you and hopping that you use it to "BUILD SOMETHING" . Call a friend or family member and tell them how much you love them or miss them. Call do not text, it will make a stronger impact that you took that time! I am off to my stamp studio to build some cards to send to friends that need a boost! I always feel better when making or doing for others!  My youngest son Kyle came to visit last night and went to his Dads basketball game, and then we had dinner together. He is a college football coach and is out visiting recruits and he always makes the time to drop by if he is in the area.  His visit always  mean so much to us,
and it gives us such a boost to show him off to our friends! He builds my spirits up with his love, and honors me with a call to let me know he is in safe when he is traveling!  The Lord has built me a family where all of the men, work with young men, to help them build character, life skills, and an aggressive zest for life through sports.  Here is a card for you today enjoy!  This card is by Michelle Zindorf go to her blog and see her wonderful work. She is very creative and uses a bright colors that I love.
This bird round card was very fun to color and I cut the round base out using a die cut. I made this card with my stamp friends a while back and that always makes the stamping more fun to have them here to stamp with me! I hope you feel insured to create and Build today! 


  1. Great sentiments. I built a couple cards this morning myself. I've got sunshine, but it's colder than a well diggers butt! God bless.



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