Monday, December 15, 2014

A Little Bird Told Me

Hello my stamp friends! I hope this finds you blessed and enjoying the many blessings of the Holiday season!  You have to look close but there is a little red breasted bird in the lower left corner of this card!  I posted it for several reasons on of which is that birds bring me such gifts of Love and Joy and uplift my spirits when I see them and hear them sing! My sweet mother - in - law Mary Lake loved birds and always had many feeders out for them.  Now when I see a bird or a pair of them it reminds me of her and Big Daddy and my parents as well as they loved birds too! I feel like they are watching over our family and reminding us of Gods many miracles of animals!  We found some darling birds for our granddaughters that sing and whistle and play over twenty songs. They will be so much fun to enjoy on Christmas.

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