Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Paper Napkin Background! Make your own!

I love trying new techniques and this background with the butterfly was made from a paper napkin. Most napkins have three layers and you start in one corner and separate the layers down to the last pretty print. On an ironing board place a large protective piece of scrap paper so that you do not mess up your board.  Cut a piece of plastic wrap to cover entire size of card stock. ( it is ok if it hangs over, just do not let it melt onto your iron)  Center the napkin layer over the card stock, on top of the plastic wrap. Then place a scrap card stock over your project.( This protects your iron) Next press with a medium temperature iron for about 45 seconds. Pull protection paper away.  The plastic wrap becomes the bonding agent and bonds the napkin to your card stock . Cut away the section you do not like, and add it to your next card as your homemade background paper! On my design above the red butterfly and the purple design at the top is the bonded napkin. The rest are add ons!  This technique is on you tube for a video sample look there! Please email me your sample! Blessings My stamp friends!

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