Wednesday, May 21, 2014


This design is taken from a card I saw on another blog. I love to to make different types of technique cards so I had to try this one too!  I used a clear sheet of firm acrylic.  I had to cut the front out of a product bag holding die cuts. The second picture with the black dot helps you to see the clear acrylic. My piece was a little short, and  I had to move it down each time so it would reach from corner to corner. I taped my white background card stock to the mat with tape runner on the back, so it would not slide during daubing on of color.  You angle the clear sheet from corner to corner, and top to bottom, diagonally. Use your colored ink pad and a dauber, then smudge ink up in a straight line off the edge of the clear acrylic sheet. Move it down to leave a space about 3/4 or any size that appeals to you, and daub on color again. Continue with this process until you have filled in the entire half. Place the clear sheet back in the center, daub the color on repeating all the way to the edge. Next retape the daubed piece so that you can now make a strip going across the ones you have just laid down.  When you have finished this side you may need to add some color around the edges to give it a completed look.  Do not worry that your stripes are not perfectly spaced! You will add something on the top and you will be amazed as you look at it how it becomes a pillow top look.  I colored my butterflies with copics and added them to my base with pop dots to give them some lift! You can have such a great time with this technique and I sure would love to share your designs so send me a picture! Thanks or 979-255-0337.  P<S> This technique is on Youtube, 

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  1. What a cool technique and such a beautiful card!



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