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Summer Time Flowers

This card has a white base card that is difficult to see but, that is how the rectangle flower on the dark blue mat is able to hang off to the side. The dark green base is about two inches smaller in width, then the dark blue base is an inch and half smaller than the green base and you center it over the green.  I placed a larger blue mat under the long flower and it hangs over onto the white of the card base.  The blue butterfly with some bling on it adds a little POP as does the light blue ribbon.  Have a blessed rest of the week and get your stamp on!


This design is taken from a card I saw on another blog. I love to to make different types of technique cards so I had to try this one too!  I used a clear sheet of firm acrylic.  I had to cut the front out of a product bag holding die cuts. The second picture with the black dot helps you to see the clear acrylic. My piece was a little short, and  I had to move it down each time so it would reach from corner to corner. I taped my white background card stock to the mat with tape runner on the back, so it would not slide during daubing on of color.  You angle the clear sheet from corner to corner, and top to bottom, diagonally. Use your colored ink pad and a dauber, then smudge ink up in a straight line off the edge of the clear acrylic sheet. Move it down to leave a space about 3/4 or any size that appeals to you, and daub on color again. Continue with this process until you have filled in the entire half. Place the clear sheet back in the center, daub the color on repeating all the way…

You Are My Sunshine

What better way to get sunshine in your life than by making a card and sharing it with someone!  I love the reaction I get from my friends when they seem my cards they think I am really talented! My most favorite thing to share, is to teach them how to make cards, and they see that they are really talented too! The designer paper on this card is a scrap I found cleaning out my craft studio. I am so blessed to have my sweet friend Debbie and her son helping me to redesign my studio. He is building me a great counter top with track lighting so I can have a workable space.  We have packed up my room and moved it all out to start over! It may take the whole summer to get this done but I am so excited to be finally working on it.  Debbie is my "SUNSHINE' and the Lord brought her to me at a time I need her the most! She makes me realize every time we are together how Great God is and how he takes care of us in the best ways! So your assignment today is; tell someone they are your …


I really think the design of this card is fun! When you place the accent colored background at an angel, and then the white piece angled too you get a totally different look on your card.  The circle accents circles and the Happy Birthday in a third color really make the design complete.  If you do not have circles you could use squares, flowers, birthday cakes or anything that suits your fancy to form this design.  Just be sure to place your accent color ( green) UNDER the middle design on your card to bring all of the colors together.  Have some Happy Time with your card making and remember to count your blessings today! I know I am very blessed!


This card is very perfect for a masculine look! It is really not done with a paint ball gun but, that might have been fun to try! I do love different types of techniques and special folds! This is a new stampinup stamp set,  very fun,  and can be done in so many cool colors.  My stamp friend shared this card with me and today is her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I am so very blessed to have her as my sweet friend.  She came and stayed with me after my surgery, while my honey was out of town and she took great care of me. My friends are very important to me and most of them have become my extended family! I love you LORNA!! Enjoyed our lunch and shopping today! Next time we can really play paint ball!

'PUT THE PETAL TO THE METAL' Metal sheets that is!

This is a new technique that I really like and have not yet found all of the correct supplies, but you know I had to make the card so this is what I used.  The border of the card was made with a new very fine paper called METAL SHEETS. or METAL FLAKES, or metal leaf.  I like the sheets the best as they are easier to control. The metallic look is very pretty and comes in a variety of colors both solid and mixed marbled look.  I used double sided tape and you can use double sided sticky cut out or die cuts.  I put a small amount of tape on the back of my card base. (any size you wish) and taped it to my work matt.  I edged the border of the card base with the double sided tape by trying to lay it against the edge of the paper. I cut off any edges that went over the outside edge.  I then placed the flakes over the tape and rubbed it with a small craft sponge. (Medium to firm works best)  The flakes or metal sheet will adhere to the tape and it lays very flat and smooth.  You can save an…