Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Window box flowers

Hey creative design friends! This is a window stamp and die cut. I have been buying windows, and furniture things lately and finally got one made.  The background is the technique that I wanted to share with you today.  It is so fun and easy to make, and I know you will design some great things with this, and do not forget, for you scrappers this is a great one for your scrap pages too! You will need several different colored ink pads and some masking tape. ( like the kind painters use)  Take the size of tape you want to add color to your surface, and press it down onto the ink pad and rub lightly with your fingers, so it will pick up a good amount of color.  Do not get upset if the color is not uniform cause that is what gives the CHARACTER to your project. Try black and dark purple for your Halloween projects too!  Lay the inked tape onto your paper and press it down lightly on this card I use four stripes slanted from the to down. I even used the tape again, re-inked it and pressed it down over the color to make it darker and longer down my card.  I cut out my stamped design and added it  over the top of the background I had created with the tape.  This is so fun and you can come up with many creative ways to use this technique! Here are some tips:  1: Use different widths and length of tapes, they do not have to match! 2: Tear the tape on the sides and ends and leave the uneven edges to give texture to your project, 3: crumble tape before adding the ink, gives it creases and very different look!  Send me a picture of your project and some windows, furniture or doors stamped for me to use and I will send you
a FREE surprise! Debbie Segler 14916 Riverside Drive Little Elm, Texas 75068 have fun!

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