Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Button, Button, Who found the Button?

I took a picture of this card at a stamp friends house. I just found it hidden away and thought what a fun card.  It reminds me of one of the toys my boys had when they were toddlers.  Yes, I did hide it a few times when I could not take the noise!  The colors are very bright and fun! No buttons here but the little bling on the end gives the card the look of a real musical instrument. Hope you found some inspiration today!
Designer paper cut in small strips, makes a cute and simple flower to add top your card or scrapbook page. You can make a full flower or half of one and add a button for the center.  The button can be covered with designer papers or pretty ribbon to change the look and make new out of old. 
I bet you have some pretty buttons around your house too! I have been cleaning my closet out I think for two years now!  I cut the buttons off the things that really need to go about five years back!  This tree just needed the buttons to serve as leaves. So, get out your stamps and look for things that buttons could add that special WOW!  I love them on things that you would not think a button would work on.  Have fun! 

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