Monday, September 26, 2016

Miracles Found In Clovis New Mexico!

Hello my sweet friend and loved ones! Rusty and I are home and feeling so blessed by all of the love, messages, and calls! Rusty had some very serious health issues and I had to put him back in hospital in New Mexico where we were visiting our new grandson and family!  He lost lots of blood and had to have surgery while we were there, but the Lord placed us with a super doctor and nurses and hospital staff that really took care of us like family!  And thanks to all of them we arrived home this morning around 2:00am safely.  Several MIRACLES! HAPPENED DURING OUR ADVENTURE!!   THE FIRST WAS OUT NEW GRANDSON HOLDEN DAVID SEGLER ARRIVED AND HE IS SO WONDERFULLY AND HEAVENLY MADE!  When he was checking out of the hospital Rusty was being checked in, and there was a Dr Peinko that was a specialist that took him under his wings and gave him the upmost care he needed!! After four days in the hospital Rusty is home doing much better and will see a specialist here tomorrow.  So that was the 2nd MIRACLE!! Which also involved us driving 8 hours home and arriving safe and sound ! ( 3rd Miracle)  When Rusty was at his very worst in hospital I was asked to leave the room and I was so scared and worried!!
I was about to pass out in the hall when a care taker came by and grabbed me and sat me down and took specail care of me.! Her Name is Hilda she began to Pray with me and reminded me that God was with us and had Rusty in the best place for the best care!  She gave me such strength and relief that I was able to make it peacefully, through another tough time!   Hilda is a special Angel to us and she came back several times to check on us and continue to pray with us!! She and I are now sisters and will keep in touch forever! There were many nurses, aides and helpers that all went over the top with their care and love for us! The story of our journey seemed to spread like wildfire and three preachers from Clovis heard about us and came to visit and pray too!  Our SUPER HERO NURSE STEPHANIE
 just became like one of the family as well!  She has called me this morning to make sure we are ok and given me more support and guidance!  With all of the negative news these last few weeks, I just have to let you know that Our Lord is every where, with many good and faithful people helping others to feel and experience his love and care! The landscape in New Mexico is not so great but the people there are!   And all of our friends, family and Little Elm High School Family have continued to check on us and pray as well! There are just too many to mention them all but WE LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK!!!   Thanks for everything! Debbie and Rusty!!

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  1. Precious babies. God speed to Rusty. Love you so much.



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