Thursday, May 26, 2016


This is a variety of cards for you today that I found as a surprise on my computer this morning! Sometimes I save card photos and they just disappear! Like magic this bunch of cards were there when I opened my computer this morning! I have a computer Ghost that plays tricks on me so that I can get frustrated and feel silly! HA!  The butterfly was colored on photo paper! I like using photo paper for a different look but you have to experiment as to which markers, and inks will work best. The photo paper grabs the ink quickly and it is difficult to blend, so you need a oily based ink or pencil for best results.  I have found some oil based colored pencils from Japan and I just love them, and they work on a variety of card stock. I like to use the chalk ink pads,(small diamond shaped) and I apply them straight from the container, then blend with a medium.

This card uses a magazine picture for the background in the window, It had lots of grass and flowers on it, so I cut it out and placed it behind the window die cut. The little blue bird was a sticker. 

This bird is a stampin up stamp and very flexible to use on  many designs! The embossed white paper gives it another texture and I like using several on one card. 

This is another stamping up set and it is a blast to color. I made a larger card and you can really get the full design on one this size.  

This card is so beautiful in person and my picture is not a good one, but it was colored with copics and then placed under the die cut frame.  

This is a special fold that I  added just for your fun thing to try this week. It takes a full sheet of card stock to cut from. 

I love to design scenes and this is on shinny paper and colored with the oil based inks, and chalk inks. 

This butterfly is a stampin up die cut and the fold is avery easy one that really adds to the look of the card by using double sided paper. Have some fun stamping this week send me pictures to share! 

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  1. All of these are fabby. When my back gets better could we do the first one and the second one from the bottom? They are right up my alley. Great work Debbie Doo.



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