Sunday, May 17, 2015


The pink iris flowers are a great reminder of my mother. She loved them and always had several bunches of them in her yard! She was a special lady that could grow anything! It was like magic! She could pinch a small piece off of a plant and before you could blink she would have a huge pot blooming on her front porch! She taught me to love gifts of nature and she noticed them everywhere. She could get as much pleasure out of a short ride to the store as others do on a long vacation trip.  She pointed out every little detail of God's designs and stored them away in her memory, then she would pull them out later and talk about them. Her flowers were always much larger and brighter than others you would see and they brought everyone lots of enjoyment!
The flowers  are colored with some light, and even white spaces so that you can really see the variegation of colors! Today stamp any flower and send it to someone you haven't thought of or talked to in a while! Hugs Debbie

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