Friday, March 13, 2015

Generational Memories! By Cheryl

From one generation to the next/ Intergenerational exchange

I write in a journal to my grandchildren as a treasure to be shared with them when they are older. My eldest Jaila I wrote to today.  I speak to her by phone with so much distance between us in miles. Our grandchildren need us to hug them,to touch them, and to let them know how special they are. Hugs can be phone calls, too. Many times I need hugs,too JUST TO EMBRACE THE LOVE.

Dear Jaila,
You are so precious and although I don't get to see you for years at a time  to hold you in my arms, I hold you in my heart.  When you talk to me on the phone with your sweet chatter and funny words, and smart words  I am tickled because I am so happy.I saw you talking on the video phone text saying the alphabet and later hearing that @ 4 years old that you are doing equations.  Oh, how smart you are!  You're quite a girl!  PaPa-God made you beautiful and you are one of his most precious gifts to me.  The song your daddy taught "Have Faith, Hope Charity", my grandmother taught me. I taught Him that song you sang to me, Your daddy also  taught you," ALPHA and OMEGA", song.  WOW! Now ,you,can teach me a song to sing"Alpha and Omega".[ granddaughter (JAILA) to (NANA), grandmother]. 

Thanks sweet friend for letting us share your great tip on journaling for your grand children. I think that is a wonderful way to leave a memory of your love and support for them! I just started a journaling class this months and am so excited to begging the BIBLE journaling class too! The written word is very soothing and therapeutic for us! It seems to give us a solid grounded feeling to go back to and even hold in our hands. When you write something down like a goal, it gives you the feeling of commitment to get it done! 

This beautiful card was made by my sweet friend Debbie she is so talented and colors beautiful with copic  markers. It is a rainy day here and a perfect day to work in my studio! Get inspired to journal too! Hugs 

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This card is a little dark but I had to show you the cute design that comes in the card kit. There are so many beautiful pieces and you can...