Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Remember that >>>>>

"I tell you the truth, those who listen to my message and believe in God who sent me have eternal life. They will never be condemned for their sins, but they have already passed from death into life." (John 5:24

I lean on these words! And I know we all need to be reminded, that Gods words and promises are everlasting! We often feel like we do not measure up, we question if we have his favor.  This verse says to me that he has given us eternal life if we believe! What a reassuring gift!   
This card really seemed to fit my verse today. I called a friend to make her feel better, and it really helped me as much or more as her!  We are like the two birds chirping and sharing.  I know that even though she is miles away I can call her and she will remind me of the Lords goodness and faithfulness! ( Search for that kind of friend) 

This card has birds on it and you know how I love birds! When I hear them or see them it triggers wonderful memories and blessing for me. I often feel that God sent them just for me to enjoy and be lifted up by. I watch them fly and move about so freely. I try to imagine my heart attached to one,  and that is the feeling of excitement and relief I get when I lean on my faith, and feel strong and secured by it! 

This card was a beautiful designer paper that was a gift from a stamp friend. We worked on them in a group of about four ladies.  We stamped the bird and flowers in the middle on cream card stock, cut it out and glued it to the center. Then we added the velum bird and flowers in the top right corner and the bird nest in the bottom left corner.  The pink flower was added with pop dots to give it a small lift. The card base is a rose red card stock, and it seemed to pick up the colors in the card and provide a good accent color.  

We all have these layers much like my card. We often try to hide under our layers,  for fear of showing our true selves to others.  I have learned that when I do that, as a means of protecting myself, it seems that I have missed out on so much love and understanding, that I could give and receive. Today,  be that PINK flower, put on your pop dots to stand out, because when you reach out to someone and show them that your human and fragile sometimes too, you will be blessed by their story!  People flutter by us all day, in a rush hurting, sad and lonely.  Smile and say hello do you love birds?  HA! Now that will get their attention! They will not be expecting that. I bet you both smile, and then the door is open for you to say you look like me today needing a friend ***   Be Blessed! 


  1. From Cheryl in College Station Tx: I read your blog and saw the praying Tinkerbell puppy. My, my what a true inspiration it is, I will be writing something to share soon!

  2. Please try to add your comments so we can see where our friends are reading from! Thanks to everyone that is ordering stamp supplies email me too

  3. This is absolutely beautiful! Thank You for being my rock to lean on this past week. I needed it!



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