Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lovely Caldwell Retreat, & Lovely As A Tree Reflection Thank You Card!

We are back from the "Land Of Refuge" Caldwell retreat craft barn, and as I promised here are some of the beautiful things we made!  This retreat is out in the country and has a relaxed atmosphere. It is a wonderful family owned retreat that is a great place to spend some time with friends and stamp, craft, sew etc.  I will add a hit to her place so you can click and see more and she is also on Facebook!
 This card design was made by my sweet friend Barbara Thomas from the Summerville area.  She had everything all cut and ready so that we all could make her card. This is the most popular stamping up stamp, Lovely As A Tree! We stamped on shinny photo paper for the top portion of the card with black ink.  We then sponged blue ink into the sky, I used a paper towel and tore it with up and down motion.  I then used a sponge to add the ink around the torn paper to give it the look of fluffy clouds. I like to use one side and then flip it over to get the same part upside down and I like the "clouds" this techniques makes.  The bottom half of the card is stamped on velum, and dried with a heat gun. The goal of this part of the card is to give the reflection of the trees in water.  You tear the bottom of the velum off to give it a look of a landscape. Flip the stamp side of velum face down and glue it to your card.  We then sponged green for grass under the trees both on shinny card base and over the vellum .  The next step is to add more sponged blue behind the trees that are reflected in the water.  Try to leave some white area to also reflect the white in the sky. The more you make this card the more fun it gets!  This card was one of my favorite and it sends a big THANK YOU, too all of my group and to the Land Of Refuge for this fun time.

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