Thursday, June 6, 2013

Caldwell Retreat at Land Of Refuge Craft Barn "Moonlight Forest"

This card is stamped with a black ink and scene stamps by scenescapes.  We first rolled the white card stock with a brayer with a yellow ink.  We punched a circle shape out of a post it note and glued it down before rolling on  the color.  This gives the scene a moon or sun effect.  We then rolled on a light orange ink, over the yellow and went down about a third of the page. Remove the post it note circle but save it to make another card, and you can use different sizes and move them around on your scene.  Next we added a light and dark blue on the bottom half with the brayer to serve as the water.  I stamped in the trees and rocks, and then the water stamp over the blue to make it look as if the water was rolling buy. Then I stamped just the tip of the trees in the water to give the reflection in the water. I took a dauber or a sponge and added the yellow, and orange into the water to give the reflection of the moon or sun. I used my white roller ball pen to give the trees, water and the moon and sky some white accent lines.  I then mounted the card on black card stock.  The scene card reminds me of the country scene at the Land of Refuge retreat in Caldwell Texas for information call Carol 512-560-0933.

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