Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pocket full of Fun!

This card is a pocket card and very fun and easy to make. You can decorate the pocket any way you wish and it can even have a gift card or money inside! Feel free to send me both! HA!  The pocket is half of a standard card stock cut up and down and in half.    Score the fold as if you were making a card, then cut one layer only with a circle punch.  This punch gives you the space to see your main decoration and to pull the inside decorated smaller card out easily. I like to use a variety of punches scalloped and different shapes to give your card an unusual look.  You can also use a sponge or dauber to "ice" the punched opening to give your card some pop of color.  When glueing the card pocket together, it is best to use a double side tape like red line or score tape so the card with stand up to the inside being pulled out to view.  You only need a very skinny line on the three sides, not opened, where you punched. Then cut your inside card 1/4 inch smaller all around to slide easily inside the pocket. My stamp friend Betty and I made these a while back and I plan on making some more for spring, shaped like a bird house, and have the inside pull out be decorated with birds!

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