Thursday, April 18, 2013

Phone Card

I just got back from a great stamp retreat in Salado.  I went with several friends and met  up with a few more!  These stamps were made by Deadbeat Designs and we had a blast being taught and entertained there. The old fashioned phone dial is put on with a flexible add on that gives the dial movement.  If you do not have them you can use craft wire and put them on with a one inch circle punch, with the wire glued between two of them.  To understand the design try to visualize a two inch craft wire rolled on a mascara tube to make it look like a spring. ( squish it down very tight, or cut smaller if needed)  You then tape the end down to a punched circle of card stock with red line tape. ( same on the other end) then place the spring on the item you want to have movement with a very sturdy double sided tape.  I have made these springs in the past to put on ghost on Halloween cards to make them float around!  These stamps will be on sale soon from Deadbeat Designs just google it!

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