Sunday, June 10, 2012


How can you even begin to describe the blessings we have received this month? First HOLLIS LAKE SEGLER ARRIVED ON JUNE 1st.  She is the most beautiful baby girl that looks just like her Nanny! When I look at her and her new parents I can surely see God's love and the miracle of a new life! Tres and Katherine you did an excellent job and thank you for sharing it all with us! 

The next blessing was on June 2nd, Kyle and Ashley were married in Sugar Land Texas.  The wedding was wonderful and we all had so much fun celebrating their new start as a couple! Thanks to the many friends and family that joined us in this great time of our lives!  We now have two new girls in our family, and could not be more happy and thankful to everyone who played any part in our blessings and time of joy! 


  1. Lucky lady such wonderful things to happen in your life .... Linda F

  2. Two beautiful girls and truly blessed!



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