Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fancy Flowers

This dear friend card is so appealing to me and I think it is the color combination I like the most. I did not make it myself, but it was just too pretty not to share it with you! The ribbon flower was made at a retreat I attended. I love to have layers on my cards and this is so easy to make. Punch or cut your base for the flower size you want. Then cover your base with double sided sticky paper or tape. Next mold your ribbon petals to fit the design and shape your using. Experiement with all types of ribbon and try mixing textures. The blue and green flowers were made by using a punch, and layering the smaller petals on top. I have so many different punches, and I try to make something out of them that they were not expected to be used for. The blue and green flowers were punched with a leaf punch so get creative!

1 comment:

  1. Very pretty little petal punched flowers at the top. Gotta give that one a try.
    Your ribbon flowers are sooo pretty!

    I really love the big flower on the bottom card. I think that's my favorite!!!




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