Friday, September 30, 2011

Water and reflection!

The water scene was done using a brayer.  Betty is teaching me this technique. It is very fun and appeals to my more artistic side and reminds me of canvas painting classes.  We made the first island with dark colors then put some water between and flipped the card to make a mirror image to give the look of a reflection.  We masked the moon with a sticky note and then added some dark smokey lines across the moon. The trick with the brayer is to not pick the brayer up on your piece of art work  as it leaves a line. Move the paper with your left hand as you run the brayer with your right. Move the brayer on and completely off your design. I think this is a great and fun way to get a different look. Try this with your halloween projects it makes it look SPOOKY!  The fluffy flower is made by using felt or fabric to form the flower.  Cut the fabric to the with you want your flower to be, then sew wrong sides together. We used a hand needle and thread for this one.  Cut up to the sewn edge but not through the thread, you may make your cuts as thin or wide as you like. This felt was multi colored so it made a nice flower! We use crystal effects and then glued the flower to a circle punched background to help us form our flower shape.  The next card is made with our new three in one flower punch.  The bird was embossed in white and it gave the special pop to the project.  We were blessed with cooler weather and rain today so enjoy your weekend and create something beautiful!

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