Easter is on its way! Try something new.

This is a vintage print for Easter print one and make you a card using what you have on hand! Send me a picture to post too! 

I love any card with birds and this card has several layers and I like that as well. The base of this card is a frame and I added the black and white word print from the back side of the card. I used a sponge and added the pink, yellow, and blue colors that would accent the card elements. I then added the cut outs of the birds, flowers, leaves and butterfly.  

This little card has a PROP UP LADY, this card was from a retreat and we made several cards with her and glasses.  It is a quick easy way to accent a focal point on your card, you simply glue a T-shaped like stand on the back of the picture. 

This is a fun fold card, I made this with my stamping friends Betty and Lorna. It is folded like a box top and then the outside folds as decorated .  Then the inside gives you several flaps to decorate as well.  I hope this gives you some encouragement to get to making some great projects this week.  Happy Stamping! Hugs 


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