Friday, May 1, 2015


This is my stamp friend Lorna's design, and I really like the layers! We had a fun day together and our friend Nancy joined us for a day of fellowship, laughter, and lots of catching up!  My friends bless me so very much, and I can call them after not seeing them for over five years and they come to my rescue too! THANKS TO JORA AND BRITT, FOR THEIR HELP!!!
This card feature squares and black card stock as the frames.  A number of designer papers would really be fun to try on this card too! For the corners I cut the small square in half.  Share this with your friends! I have discovered that many of us make cards but were are not good at sending them out, so for Mothers day make your friends a gift of 8-10 cards with envelopes and stamps! With a special card for them on top! They will be WOWED!

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