Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wreath for Holidays

This card was so much fun to make. I used a metal embossing plate and some paste to form the base of the card. The paste is a craft paste that gets hard after drying and holds it shape. You can find it at most craft stores. You ice the plate like your icing a cake filling the holes completely. I used a plastic  knife and then scraped all of the extra paste off and put it back into the jar before removing the metal embossing plate.  Lift the plate straight up and it leaves a raised design on your card or scrapbook page. Let dry about two hours. Then add stickles and bling for color, you can add stain, inks,or markers, for your design to have some accents.   You can also use stencils with this technique, I just love it and it is different  every time I make one. I added this green ribbon for the finishing touch.  This paste works great on ceramic tiles too!

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